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Digital platforms drive our world. It touches our lives every day. Today’s software development is mired with poor quality, vanity deliverables, and lost opportunities. Our accelerators help you to go from Product Vision to Working Software at the speed of your thought. Develop full digital platforms in weeks instead of months or years.​

With thinkbridge, there's a new way thereTM

Having built software for over 30+ years, we went back to the first principles to rethink how we develop software. The only thing that matters is getting software to production, in the hands of the users. Real software development starts when you have made that first contact with the user. That meant building software fast and iterating fast, while maintaining quality.

​We built our thinkstack accelerator platform with this single goal –
How do we get software to production fast and iterate in days, not months, not years.

Sai Ganesh

​Cofounder & Chief Scientist​

Our accelerator driven approach dramatically reduces decision latency by going from Idea to software, quickly and reducing the tools and processes in between.


The root cause of software project failures is decision latency

Good Decision Latency

Poor Decision Latency


Decision latency theory states that the value of the interval is greater than the quality of the decision

-Chaos Report

The Standish Group

When you are able to go from "Vision to Software" fast, you can see the effects of your decisions sooner and make course-corrections faster

And that thought process was the basis for thinkstack, our accelerator platform. Our engineering enablement platform bridges the expertise gap, elevates developers, and helps them build custom software at the speed of thought.

Get software to production faster, and in front of users sooner​

With fewer developers​

Without reliance on "hero" developers or "super humans"

Enable innovators and visionaries to make swift decisions​

Vision to software, delivered at the speed of thought

Accelerator powered, fully managed software development services that allow you to innovate and iterate fast
Create new apps
Create new software products from web apps to mobile apps to IoT applications. Start with describing your vision and our engineers will translate that into working software in days or weeks using our thinkstack accelerator​.
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Migrate your legacy applications to a modern cloud native tech stack. Start with our modernization templates that combine the power of our thinkstack accelerators to move your legacy application to a modern future proof stack.
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Use our M&A playbooks and accelerators to seamlessly integrate and extract value from your acquisitions. Quickly build façade applications and avoid high risk change management and transition from complex tech stacks.
Download our M&A Playbook​

Be a Cheetah




Cheetah’s law – Swift decisions are better than long drawn-out analysis. ​You do that by going directly from Vision to software with minimal steps in between

While others continue to repeat the mistakes of the past, we are changing the way software is developed.

board CEO CFO/COO CTO CPO UX Designers Product Managers Product Owner Developers Tester DeveOps Infra Engineers Release Managers

make the switch



Case Studies

Browse our case studies. Check out some of the cool stuff we've done for our clients.​

Enabling One of the Largest Global RPO Companies to Become a Tech First Organization

A client was making data driven decisions, but their core was based on spreadsheets, which made scalability difficult along with the documents being error prone. To address these issues we built a web application rendering spreadsheets unnecessary, implemented a reporting and analytics solution, automated candidate engagement, included third party integrations, and utilized machine learning to determine candidate relevancy to a position.
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Implementing Serverless Architecture with Terraform for EMS

EMS is a billing service provider company. The company's one of the applications were built using a serverless architecture
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Enabling One of the Largest Global RPO Companies to Become a Tech First Organization

A client was making data driven decisions, but their core was based on spreadsheets, which made scalability difficult along with the documents being error prone. To address these issues we built a web application rendering spreadsheets unnecessary, implemented a reporting and analytics solution, automated candidate engagement, included third party integrations, and utilized machine learning to determine candidate relevancy to a position.
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How client-centric tech revolutionizes the finance function

An organization needed to build a tech solution for their clients that used a variety of applications. We were able to vet ideas for tech upgrades and develop a process for continual upgrades. This process involved active and thorough dialogue with the customer to ensure that they were investing in the right kind of improvements.
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Digitizing a recruitment process outsourcing company

A recruitment process outsourcing provider needed to develop and implement a 5-year technology roadmap. The roadmap included building a custom platform, integrating with best of breed recruiting solutions, and implementing an analytics and reporting solution. As a result, the client now operates as a tech-first company.
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Becoming a FinTech

A company needed to modernize their business and build a next-generation software platform. The resulting platform allowed the company to reduce customer onboarding time, increase customer retention, and operate as a tech-first company. Account management functions were automated, back office functions were integrated, and an analytics solution utilizing real time dashboards and reports was created.
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Utilizing AI to Maximize Distributed Solar Energy Resources

Utilities operators needed help optimizing the energy production of a vast number of distributed solar energy resources, while resolving issues promptly and cost-effectively. To address this, an operations and maintenance platform was built that utilized analytics and AI. This allowed utilities operators greater visibility and control over their solar resources.
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Predictive Software for Electricity Markets

A retail electric providers (REP) in Texas had to estimate the amount of energy needed to provide their customers with competitive market prices. To address this issue, a more accurate load prediction model based on machine learning and historical energy load data was developed. The model provides a greater ROI and allows for more precise forecasting of metrics like consumer load patterns and revenue generated per customer.
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Modernizing Prepaid Card Technology

A prepaid credit card and treasury management services company had to complete a technical due diligence assessment. We identified bottlenecks and gaps in the company's business operation processes. Then we developed a strategy focused on modernizing their back-end applications and client-facing software platform.
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Modernizing a Major Recruitment Firm

A recruitment process outsourcing provider experienced operational inefficiencies due to rapid growth. We were brought in to assess their existing processes and decided that a fully integrated, scalable technology platform was needed. We built a cloud platform with real-time analytics that’s currently incorporating artificial intelligence-based analytics capabilities to assist recruiters with pattern-based tasks.
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Developing a Cloud-based Point of Sale System

A family-owned business that hosts children's consignment sales had their lone IT engineer quit. When this happened, the company's outdated systems began to fail. We stepped in to stabilize the system, update the code base, and move the entire system to Microsoft Azure. We also worked on providing daily backups, remote access to inventory databases, and routine updates to the latest version releases.
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Navigating Venture Capital Due Diligence

A client needed to complete a 30-page technology questionnaire as part of a VC due diligence process to secure additional funding. Thanks to our expertise in technology strategy and experience in fulfilling complex VC due diligence requirements, we were able to complete the questionnaire and compile all required supporting documentation in a single day. This shortened the due diligence timeline by a month and helped the client secure new funding.
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Implementing Serverless Architecture with Terraform for a billing service provider company

A billing service provider company's applications was built using a serverless architecture
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Implementation of Cloud Security and Governance on Azure

The company had its infrastructure on the cloud in order to improve scalability and flexibility. However, the company wanted their infrastructure, application and data to be secure in the cloud.
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We deliver working software to production, fast. No vanity deliverables
2 – 6 weeks

Step 1

Talk to us about your vision

Step 2

Tell us about your users​

Step 3
(in weeks)

Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) - Working software for review

Step 4
(in weeks)

Review, Feedback Loop and Sign off

Step 5

Working software delivered to production

Powered by thinkstack

What you get?​

Working Software
Dev – QA – Production URLs
Automated unit tests
CI/CD Pipelines
QA Automation
Build the right software​
Build the software right​
Ideate Img
Discovery img
Validate Img
Product design img
Product Design
Generate Img
Platform generation
Platform ​Generation
Launch Img
Review verify img
Review & Verify
​(Sr. Software Engineer)​
Monitor img
release img
timer img
2 – 6 weeks
hourly img
Hourly / Daily Iterations​
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Pricing Model

Innovative pricing model designed to balance the complexities and uncertainties of software development

Custom Build and Own

  • Your idea, your product, we build, we sustain.
  • We build your product; You own the IP.
  • Pay a fixed price for build and maintenance
Working prototypes, simple featured web and mobile apps
Starting at $60K
Starting at $120K
Enterprise grade applications
Starting at $150K

Lease to own

  • Your idea, we build. License it from us.
  • Pay us only for as long as you use your product. Think of it like a custom SaaS built for exclusively for you.
  • ​Buy your IP when you are ready at a pre-defined price.
Simple web and mobile apps
Starting at $7500 / month
Enterprise grade applications
Starting at $50K / month

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I license the ASD platform?

Not at this time. ASD is our internal engineering enablement platform that elevates our engineers to be able to deliver quality software fast. We believe that our clients should not have to worry about dealing with building software and focus on the business.

Is ASD a no-code or a low-code platform?

It is neither. ASD generates actual code that can be further enhanced outside of the ASD platform. No-code or low-code platform generate proprietary code and locks you into their platform.

Why is there a ‘Review & Verify’ step done by a software engineer if ASD generates the code?

ASD generates code with amazing accuracy. But to make code into software requires human intervention to ensure the solution that is generated actually solves the problem and adheres to the design and the requirements of what the original idea or vision was. Software engineers trust but verify what ASD generates, identify improvement opportunities and ensure it is built right and is production ready. ​

Can my developers simply use ASD without signing up for your services?

Our engineers are specifically trained on how to use ASD to developer platforms quickly. Our developer workflow and processes are specifically designed to produce outcomes. Allowing your developers to use ASD means just handing your team yet another tool, and not addressing the rest of the software development lifecycle. ​

Can I use ASD to develop software by myself?

ASD is not yet another tool. It is specifically designed to elevate engineers who know how to problem solve, so they can code faster with much higher quality. We are not in the business of giving you at tool so we can own your data. Also, there are plenty of other tools that allow you to build software if that is what you want to do.

Does ASD generate proprietary code?

No, it does not. It generates code in industry standard programming languages such as .NET core and Angular.

Why do you generate test cases and other artifacts if everything is ‘generated’?

We want our clients to retain the ability to take the generated platform and hand it to their development team to continue to build and maintain if they choose to. We generate all the artifacts that are typical to traditional software development to be able to transition out of our generation platform easily.​


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