Modernizing A Major RPO Firm

A recruitment process outsourcing provider experienced operational inefficiencies due to rapid growth. We were brought in to assess their existing processes and decided that a fully integrated, scalable technology platform was needed.
October 20, 2023
5 min read

The Challenge

Since their founding in 2009, our client has become the world's largest and fastest growing recruitment process outsourcing provider.

With this rapid growth, however, they began experiencing operational inefficiencies in their existing processes, which weren't designed to handle scaling at that magnitude. Spreadsheets that were once the bread and butter of the operations team had become unwieldy, and more and more resources had to be reallocated to the maintenance and management of these legacy systems.

Our Solution

When ThinkBridge was brought in, we applied our technology strategy discovery accelerator to assess our client's existing operational processes in relation to their future growth projections.  Our analysis concluded that to sustain their ambitious goals, our client required a fully integrated, scalable technology platform that would ensure the accuracy of their data and reporting.

This platform has dramatically improved the experience and productivity of our recruiters. We are now able refocus their time on improving ROI for our clients.

Founder & President

Using a combination of master data strategy and process optimization, ThinkBridge built a highly secure, enterprise-grade cloud platform capable of:

  • Robust system reporting
  • Capturing live operational data
  • Producing real-time analytics, allowing for immediate course-correction

Phase Two: Artificial Intelligence

This project is currently in the second phase of development, where ThinkBridge is incorporating artificial intelligence based analytics capabilities that assist recruiters by automating pattern-based tasks, allowing them to remain focused on the business needs of their clients.

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