Own Your Laptop

As remote work becomes increasingly popular, having a work laptop has become essential. While many companies provide their employees with laptops, owning your own work laptop can provide numerous benefits that can make your work-life balance easier and more efficient.

We understand the importance of having your own device, so we help cover the costs of owning a laptop! You can buy your own device, and we will reimburse you. To get detailed information on our “Own your own laptop policy,” please contact our IT team. It is also best to get approval from our IT Team before you purchase a laptop. This way, we can ensure your laptop meets all of our work specifications.

Here are just a few benefits of owning your own work laptop:

Increased Flexibility

One of the most significant benefits of owning your own work laptop is the flexibility it provides. Owning your own laptop allows you to work from anywhere, at any time, without being bound by office hours. With a work laptop, you can work from home, a coffee shop, or even while traveling while still being able to access all the work files you need.

Improved Productivity

Owning your own work laptop can also increase your productivity. You can customize your laptop to suit your preferences and working style, which can make you more efficient. Obviously, there are specific security parameters and guidelines to stay within. But, other than that, altering the setup to best fit your wants and desires can help streamline your workflow.

Enhanced Security

When you own your own work laptop, you are also in control of its security. You can invest in security software to protect your laptop from cyber threats, which is especially important when working remotely. That being said, please consult the IT team to make sure any additions are safe and fit within security guidelines.

It’s All Yours

Owning your own work laptop can provide numerous benefits that can make your work life easier and more efficient. Increased flexibility, improved productivity, and enhanced security are just a few of the advantages of having your own work laptop. As a remote-first company, it’s important all think’ers have access to a device capable of getting the job done. The policy in place helps ensure everyone gets a laptop that meets security and performance requirements without being a financial drain.