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The Importance Of Technical Expertise In Software Development

Finding success in software development requires a balance of technical expertise and business acumen. However, only one of those seem to be prioritized. Here's why technical expertise is critical to finding success as a tech company.
Written by
Jonathan Mitchell
Published on
May 28, 2024

If ideas are a dime a dozen and success is an expectation, then why do so many tech start-ups fail? Lack of vision? Lack of resources? Lack of opportunity? These are all integral aspects of getting a start-up off the ground, but there's far more nuance necessary. The environment in which these organizations exist is at the intersection of technological innovation and business. There are plenty of business founders doing good work all over the world. They’ve had success in their field and are now seeking a new venture in tech. What makes this such a make or break moment? The businessperson is at a crossroad. Embrace the technical expertise of co-founder/partner firm or rely on one’s own ingenuity. Far too many professionals choose the latter, and thus their bed is made.

Fear not, there’s a simple solution to this problem. Rely on your strengths, and utilize the strengths of others. We’ve spent a decade now iterating and refining the software development process. There’s a new way there is more than a motto, it’s a thought process. Every step of the way we’ve partnered with businesses hoping to see their idea come to life. They’ve found success through partnership, a symbiotic relationship where business acumen and technical expertise collide. Such a collision is fundamental to any start up’s success, and yet often times the technical side is thrown aside. Here’s why that’s an issue, and how to find success as a tech start up.

Realistic Expectations

We’ve seen it in client interactions plenty of times. An invested, passionate professional seeking assistance in taking their organization to the next level. There’s just one problem. They have no idea how software works, what it takes to create an exemplary software product, or the associated costs and timelines accompanying such a project. Ego oftentimes complicates matters further as the expertise of the technical professionals is undermined and disregarded in the hopes of getting a quick buck. This hellish situation should be avoided at all costs; it's part of the reason we’re so specific about the clientele we take on.

This is where technical expertise is crucial. There’s a limited number of individuals who truly understand the complexities of software development and the creation of a successful business. If you’re an executive with business acumen, then the hope should be to find an equally capable partner regarding technical expertise. Otherwise, the other side of the coin that needs addressing is never approached. That’s when the inflated ego erupts, expertise isn’t sought after, and the project fails.

Any experienced tech professional knows of this nightmare fuel. The horror stories of business executives going all in on a software product only to disregard the technical partner’s expertise is one relatively common contributor to failure. Obviously, there are other factors included in any such venture, but the lack of acknowledgment when it comes to the necessity of technical expertise is often the only nail you need for that coffin.

Recipe For Success

Enabling business professionals to seek out and appreciate technical expertise is part of our success story. When we’re able to help passionate individuals go from idea to software rapidly, that appreciation for expertise only grows. Send the right message, set the right expectations, and watch the probability of success increase.

It’s integral that anyone seeking to create a tech start up understands the inextricable nature of tech and business. Software is a part of our everyday life. It’s so prevalent that, at this point, it goes unnoticed. A system runs the payment for your morning coffee, a computer runs the car you then get into, and another software product enables the functionality of the traffic lights you drive through. Software is everywhere, and yet it somehow hides from view. That doesn’t make it any less integral to a start up’s success.

Uber, Facebook, and other household names are businesses that succeeded due to the technical expertise available within the head shed, not the other way around. Business leaders must address the need for this knowledge prior to a project’s launch, otherwise its liftoff is doomed.

Stick To Your Strengths

A reality check isn’t always desired, but oftentimes necessary. The intersection of tech and business means that any organization seeking to create a new product must have the right capabilities. Whether it be in house, or through partnership, technical expertise is the linchpin of any successful product release. Without it, directionless resources, money, and manpower will be wasted.

We fundamentally understand this challenge. Guidance serves only those who seek it, and we’ve been more than willing to learn ourselves these past 10 years. So, whether you’re a start-up looking to establish in house expertise, or searching for a technical partner, make sure the proper weight is given to the technical side of the project. Only through the combined capability of both spectrums can success become attainable, and dreams become reality.


Anand Krishnan

CEO and Managing Partner

Andrew Zarkadas

Vice President - Growth

Shamik Mitra

Vice President - Client Services

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