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Tips For Staying On Task In A Remote Work Environment

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Remote work comes with its own set of challenges, and staying on task can be one of them. Here are a few tips to help you stay productive.
Written by
Jonathan Mitchell
Published on
October 20, 2023

Avoiding distraction while working remote and asynchronously

Efficiently using one’s time can boil down to building good habits, but an inherent competitor of everyday productivity is the proclivity us humans have for distraction. This problem takes on added complexity when working remotely. This blog scratches at the surface of that dilemma, and offers some suggestions one may find useful when trying to avoid interruptions.

Use breaks wisely, strategize for future endeavors

Many articles addressing this topic focus on the necessity of taking some time for oneself during the work day, and that practice is a beneficial one. However, abusing this freedom offered by a remote working environment is made easier given the other factors at play. One has access to avenues of distraction that weren’t available in an office setting, so these breaks may stretch over their originally intended time. Taking some time for lunch, or to run an errand can offer the brain and body some respite, but utilizing that time to proactively strategize can be an easy way to kill two birds with one stone. While making a run to the grocery store, perhaps there’s an opportunity to brainstorm solutions to the day’s problems. While having lunch, maybe conceptualize new ideas that could benefit a client. Intelligently multitasking will prevent the process from being overly taxing, and helps prevent breaks from turning into long form distractions. Staying on task, even while away from the computer, is a beneficial skill when utilized correctly.

Take advantage of greater accessibility

In modern office settings it’s a common stereotype for an executive of a company to have their office set up as an impregnable fortress unavailable to coworkers. Or perhaps management is on an entirely different floor of the building and can’t be easily reached. In a remote working environment, those barriers to communication disappear. A simple message can now offer a connection with anyone in the company, and using those avenues of discussion can greatly assist focus. Discussions with anyone and everyone can help find new ways of approaching a problem. Additionally, greater communication oftentimes benefits efficiency as new ideas and perspectives become readily available. If it’s a struggle to stay on task, get in contact with someone who can offer assistance. True distractions can simply be avoided by embracing communication and the benefits that come with it.

thinkbridge work culture

We’re an asynchronous, remote company, which means think’ers determine what environments and times allow for maximum productivity. Meeting deadlines and being readily available doesn’t necessarily entail long, arduous work hours. Ownership, Reliability and Accountability are integral aspects of our workflow that gives us the intrinsic motivation of “Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose”. Feel free to peruse other articles we’ve published regarding working from home, or discover if any of our jobs (Careers @ thinkbridge) at thinkbridge fit you.

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