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Reintegrating In-Person Interaction In A New Collaboration Space

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Remote work has become more common, but how do you reintegrate in-person interaction? A truly collaborative, hybrid work environment.
Written by
Jonathan Mitchell
Published on
January 19, 2024

We’ve been remote first from the beginning, but the desire to reintegrate specific perks of a traditional office environment meant a creative solution was necessary. The opening of our Pune collaboration space is an important milestone in that journey. Creating the right work environment takes time and we stay ahead of the curve. But, we wanted to think bigger and go further. We’ve found a way to embrace the benefits of remote work, while adding face to face interaction in a cooperative setting. The modern environment represents an opportunity for think’ers to problem solve in person, without losing the freedoms of remote work.

Best of both worlds

The opening of our new space doesn’t change our remote first mindset. The new surroundings give team members the chance to build meaningful connections and exchange ideas, without unnecessary upheaval. The newfound opportunities will come with minimal change to everyone’s current set up. think’ers can still choose where they live, there’s no relocation necessary. We’ll take advantage of the benefits associated with remote work, now in tandem with a permanent, collaborative space. The Pune location is an important piece of that puzzle. We can create lasting relationships, maintain a healthy work culture, and inspire creativity. All taking place in our new collaborative environment.

WWW and what it means

Work From Work Week (WWW) is our initiative involving specific teams taking a week every quarter to work together in Pune. We’ve created a schedule so each team has a designated time frame in the collaborative space. The teams’ responsibilities won’t change while in Pune, but a higher level of collaboration will be available. think’ers can have face-to-face interactions, with more opportunities to ideate and socialize. We’ve also introduced a new investment model to help offset the costs associated with traveling every quarter. We asked for feedback on our original remote work environment and took those responses to heart. There were aspects of a traditional office setting missing, so we figured out a way to include those benefits.

We believe in ourselves

We’re invested in our growth, and that philosophy mirrors our client relationships. With us, there’s a new way there. Whether that be creating a unique work environment, or creatively collaborating with a client to address their tech needs, we think bigger, move faster, and go further. Our Pune location is another step in our journey of growth, one we’re so proud of. Constant innovation keeps us moving forward, and this new collaboration space will continue that creative process. Check out our website to learn more about the expertise we offer, or look through our careers page and see where you’d fit into our growing team.

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