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Market Guide for Digital Technology and Business Consulting Services
Celebrating A Decade Of Innovation
Why thinkbridge is a great place to work?
Market Guide for Digital Technology and Business Consulting Services
Celebrating A Decade Of Innovation
Why thinkbridge is a great place to work?
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How We Identify Innovative think’ers

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We ensure to handpick the finest talent, but how do you do that consistently? Here's our keys to identifying innovative thinkers.
Written by
Akshita Kohli
Published on
April 12, 2024

Companies want to onboard the finest talent, and country borders aren’t a hindrance anymore. Recruiters now try to source talented team members by hiring internationally, and those new teammates are usually keen on having remote jobs. However, getting the right talent can be quite an arduous treasure hunt. It comes with its own snags, but we have a unique process for identifying out-of-the-box think'ers who have added immense value to our organization. Together, we have scaled great heights with our deft think'ers.

We Conduct Out-of-the-Box Interviews

We scout for visionary think'ers, so we don’t conduct a typical job interview or emphasize pristine resumes. We have mastered a new way there. Our interviews are as creative as our work. We go above and beyond as we try to understand who the candidate actually is. Our recruiters stay focused and try to meticulously decipher the attitude of a potential candidate, because that's what makes think'ers stand out. We don't refrain from going the extra mile and at times we challenge the candidate with a innovative task. This helps test their mettle and see their true selves. If their core personality is in sync with the values that we seek, then the think'er joins us.

We Look for think'ers with Drive and Vision

We don't like micromanaging our think'ers. While we do want the best in class work, our think'ers get the complete liberty of working at their leisure, and of being their own boss. What inspires us is the drive of a think'er to do bigger and perform better with each project they undertake. We achieve excellence together, so we hire only those who possess the courage to think bigger, move faster, and go further with us.

We Explain Our Work Culture

thinkbridge is a place of innovation and talent. We don't believe in doing the ordinary. We want our think'ers to know who we are, what we do, and understand our work culture. We want all of our think'ers to work in congruence with each other. While we try to understand the embedded values of our potential think'ers, we also give them a quick bird's eye view of our unique work culture.

Our Hiring Process is Absolutely Human

We screen think'ers from across the globe and hand-pick only the best, but we do understand that virtual screening involves living and breathing people. Our recruiters try to be as empathetic and genial as possible. We have been on the other side of the fence, so we keep our hiring fair, transparent, and human.

We Throw Some Quick Curveballs

Our interviews don't revolve around conventional, mundane interview questions. Instead, our recruiters ask unusual questions that helps potential think'ers open up and give detailed insights about themselves. Candidates are smart, and most of them prepare well in advance for regular interview questions. However, this backfires when we try to evaluate those candidates on other parameters. We don't intend to brain tease our potential think'ers, but we endeavor to look deep within. The goal is to understand if they're think'ers and learners who could bring value to our team. We value individuals who love to think, grow, and learn. Asking some out-of-the-box questions helps us find think'ers who could happily join our journey.

We would also like to mention that our talent acquisition team holds years of expertise in hiring the best talent from around the globe. Our talent acquisition lead, Deep Ambike, leaves no stone unturned in scouting for the finest talent. Deep holds an MBA in Human Resource from MIT, Pune. With about a decade of experience and also with the assistance of our talent acquisition team, Deep ensures to zero in on the most sublime talent. Our entire talent acquisition team delves deep and ensures to pull out all the stops to bring on board the most talented personnel. Our complete virtual hiring has been truly phenomenal, and the credit for this goes to our amazing talent acquisition team.

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