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How We Help Growth Stage Companies Become Tech Disruptors

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Growth stage companies want to expand their tech capabilities without breaking the bank. Seems impossible, right? Here's how we do it.
Written by
Jonathan Mitchell
Published on
January 19, 2024

Growth stage companies are often confronted with a dilemma. How do you find a partner that is capable of molding your tech strategy, building next generation software, producing deep analysis and predictive insights of data, all with beautiful user interactions and usability? You can choose independent experts in each area or go to a big firm that needs a multi million dollar engagement. It seems like there’s no happy medium, but there’s a new way there and that’s thinkbridge.

How does thinkbridge meet those needs?

Meaningful Relationships

Our client relationships become longstanding partnerships and that’s why our NPS score is continually above 8.5. Our connections aren’t transactional. The committed relationship allows for a deep dive into what the organization actually needs. This is why we take on the role of a partner that spots unseen opportunities and challenges assumptions. Our very first client is still with us today, and we have a client retention rate of over 90%. Our passion for any project is real and unanimous, and that commitment is reflected in the continuous relationships we develop.

“We want it to be meaningful on both sides. If we run, they run. If they fall, we fall. All of our other projects have had a similar experience. That was the basic thought process from the very start. It has to be something more long term and add value on both sides.” Managing Director Nikesh Mehata

Out-of-the-box, innovative think’ers with state-of-the-art tools

Our international standing allows for the creation of unique teams. These groups are filled with talented executioners capable of handling a wide variety of projects. They use experience and the array of available perspectives to deliver the completed product prior to any deadline that’s been set. Our strong foundation enables us to scale the team as the project necessitates. think’ers are multi-dimensional problem solvers that can overcome any obstacle thrown their way. Unique accelerators such as digital operating systems, rapid start toolkits, reference architectures, and integration blueprints are applied and the product in question is rapidly delivered to the waiting client.

“Creating a solution is a skill that comes with experience, and that is something I believe thinkbridge is here for. When I joined I didn’t know how to solve, but eventually I learned how to approach a problem. Break it down, understand the problem statement, and analyze how it'll affect other people.” Lead Technical Engineer Nimesh K.

Let’s help you grow!

We see every venture with our clients as a long term partnership. Our broad capabilities mean we stick with clients through thick and thin. We’ll grow with you, and show how you can think bigger, move faster, and go further. There’s a new way there with thinkbridge, so connect with sales@thinkbridge.com and learn more about how we can help address your tech fueled growth needs.

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