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Inspiring Great Software Without Invasive Monitoring Programs

Keen on building stellar software, but wondering how? Well here's our secret guide to inspiring great software development!
Written by
Jonathan Mitchell
Published on
April 12, 2024

The rise of working from home has seen traditional office employees transition to areas of productivity in remote settings. No longer is there a commute and a waiting desk in a vast office space. Instead, there are small, unique work environments scattered across the globe as people find what best suits them. There have been shifts in the procedures we've become accustomed to, and this includes how organizations track productivity. Some ongoing conversations have questioned what type of worker productivity monitoring works. This problem becomes more complex in remote settings. Varying levels of productivity monitoring exists, which includes some instances of organizations using software to take screenshots of employees' screens to ensure they stay on task. However, keeping tabs on a person's productivity can be almost impossible in certain professions. We understand the necessity of everyone meeting expectations. Still, there's a new way there when it comes to emphasizing responsibility and accountability.

There are ways to assess productivity in a positive manner

Being a think'er comes with a plethora of freedoms, along with expectations of growth. Our circle of growth reviews that take place every quarter is a great way to check on that progress. These are opportunities to sit down with reviewers who host an honest, open conversation about progress made. Every think'er has to submit a form composed of sections that uniquely apply to their job. A data scientist would get a different form than someone in talent ops, so our reviews are specific to each position. The think'er assigns each section a value. Then your reviewer gives their opinion and value for that particular section before moving on to the next one. It's here that we can look at tangible forms of productivity.

Additionally, we praise forms of productivity that can't be quantified. Take, for example, a teammate's ability to communicate efficiently with others. The conversations have a purpose, but positivity is vital during these reviews. A 2021 study reiterated "the negative impact of abusive supervision on the knowledge worker productivity through the mediating mechanism of knowledge management processes." Essentially, attacking a colleague's work ethic only leads to worse results.

Emphasize trust in each other, and everyone will pull their weight

You don't want to have to be worrying about anyone's productivity but your own. However, from a teammate's perspective, there needs to be some inherent trust in your colleague's work ethic. Suppose you don't believe your coworker is pulling their weight. In that case, resentment can set in, and that'll quickly drain your team of goodwill if those negative feelings continue to build. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your productivity and lead by example. Being a think'er is rewarding, but we hold ourselves accountable for ensuring work gets done. There's also an emphasis on working together. Collaboration helps maintain not only efficiency but also inspires new levels of productivity. As the saying goes, you'll attract more bees with honey than vinegar. That mindset can allow teammates to grow in their position, which enables us to create solutions in an environment based in autonomy .

Trying to find a place you'd be comfortable working in? Look no further

Every organization is unique and will have its approach to monitoring worker productivity. We focus on how to make each other better without the awkwardness of detailing every minute of the day. Growth is good, and pushing people to go further, think bigger, and move faster is our specialty. Check out our careers page to see what positions are currently available. Feel free to connect with a think'er yourself and hear their opinion on our current procedures.


Anand Krishnan

CEO and Managing Partner

Andrew Zarkadas

Vice President - Growth

Shamik Mitra

Vice President - Client Services

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