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How To Travel Internationally For Business

Worried about your first international business trip? Need some advice? Here are a few tips to ensure smooth sailing while overseas.
Written by
Jonathan Mitchell
Published on
April 12, 2024

The world has slowly been opening back up as the hold COVID-19 once had on the world loosens thanks to vaccinations and other medical breakthroughs. This reopening has introduced travel back into the equation for many professionals. Traveling abroad can be exciting, but it comes with many procedures that must be followed. Traveling for business can add more complexity as visas, immigration policies, and other legal requirements become an integral facet of the trip. These nuanced complications can add anxiety to the plate of someone already feeling overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are some easy tasks you can complete ahead of time to ensure seamless travel and a fulfilling business travel experience. This article will detail a few of these, but do your independent research when traveling for business to a foreign country.

Keep Track Of Your Timeline

In a perfect world, when traveling for business, you should have a reasonable amount of time to prepare. It can be easy to look at the dates, realize a trip isn’t for several months, and procrastinate, knowing you have plenty of time before you need to leave. This is a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down. Staying proactive and knocking out requirements as early as possible will lessen the anxiety surrounding the trip and give you more control over the situation.

I was notified I’d be traveling to India for a business trip several months in advance. You would’ve thought that with so much time, I would’ve been able to have everything completely taken care of with months to spare. Instead, I found myself hoping my e-visa would be approved in time for me to even find a flight. Sure enough, my procrastination cost me as I waited desperately for the singular email that would determine my ability to travel to India. It finally arrived, but only a week and a half before the day I’d need to depart. This meant the ticket-buying situation was less than optimal and more expensive than it needed to be. This added significant unwanted anxiety to an already stressful situation, and it could’ve been easily avoided. Don’t be like me. Stay on track, be proactive, and the entire experience will be far more enjoyable.

Do Your Legal Research

International travel involves numerous hoops and hurdles to get through, and those obstacles become more complex and frequent when business is concerned. When traveling abroad, make sure you understand what is required of you for entry and what is expected of you once in the country. Especially given the recency of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments will have health policies that might not mirror those of your home country. Stay ahead of the game, and spend some time investigating everything you may need.

Again, as a novice who’d never been to India before, there was quite a lengthy checklist I needed to complete before heading abroad. A simple task that took longer than expected was getting medically ready. I had to collect several vaccinations and medications before my trip, all taking far more time and money than initially expected. Understanding the health policies of the country you’re traveling to is incredibly important, so I’m glad I did the research.

In tandem with that process was receiving an e-visa. Without this, I wouldn’t have been allowed entry. Going online, finding the right website, and filling out the correct forms were all laborious tasks I had to complete. Make sure you understand the visa process, what kind of visa you need, and how long it takes to receive one. There are other aspects to be researched, such as social media policies, free speech laws, and requirements of foreigners once inside the country. Leave no stone unturned during this research process, and you’ll find the trip to be a seamless affair.

Find Comfort In A Foreign Environment

A trip to a foreign country will almost always entail a high level of unfamiliarity. New languages, new cuisine, and new cultural norms are all part of the comprehensive experience. These unknowns can be overwhelming. So, try and find similarities where you can. If you minimize the differences and embrace commonalities, it’s far easier for optimism to take hold.

I was lucky enough to have several international trips in my back pocket to reference. However, even still, it was vital for me to find solace in a novel environment. This doesn’t mean you need to alter your trip to avoid any unfamiliarity, but finding crumbs of recognizable aspects can make a world of difference.

For me, it was the simple process of enjoying familiar media. That’s how I found my center during a chaotic work trip. Social media, YouTube, streaming services, and even my AP Mobile App all served as ways to connect with familiarity in an unfamiliar place. Even though my usage was sparse, having these nonchalant, mind-occupying escape routes was invaluable.

At The End Of The Day, Everything Will Be Alright

Look, these are the lessons I’ve learned. They come solely from my experiences and perspective. Every journey is unique, and your own approach may vary wildly from mine. However, the overriding message needs to be one of positivity and eventuality. You may run into a host of issues, or you may run into none at all. But, when all is said and done you’ll find your way through. Coming out the other side isn’t a possibility, it’s a certainty. Believe in that, and everything else will flow the way you want it to.


Anand Krishnan

CEO and Managing Partner

Andrew Zarkadas

Vice President - Growth

Shamik Mitra

Vice President - Client Services

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