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How We Digitized An RPO Company

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The world is changing and technology is at the forefront. Learn how we helped a recruitment process outsourcing company stay on the cutting edge.
Written by
Sai Ganesh
Published on
October 20, 2023


  • Developed a 5-year technology roadmap with specific business goals and helped implement it.
  • Built a custom platform for their differentiators and integrated with the best of breed recruiting solutions in the market.
  • Built an analytics and reporting solution.
  • As a result,
  • Reduced their cost per hire by 50%.
  • Increased their customer outcomes by 102%.
  • Running a 85% digitized recruiting process.
  • They now operate as a tech-first company and continue to work on their next 5-year roadmap that includes machine learning solutions.


Since their founding in 2009, our client has become the world’s largest and fastest growing recruitment process outsourcing provider. Although they were making data driven decisions, their core was based on spreadsheets.

However, with their rapid growth these spreadsheets were no longer scalable. Spreadsheets that were once the bread and butter of the operations team had become unwieldy and error prone.

Their initial inclination was to implement or build out a reporting solution.

The process

We studied their business deeply and reframed the problem statement. We developed their technology roadmap based on the reframed problem statement. The strategy was a combination of build + buy approach

  1. Capture their thought leadership and differentiation by building a platform which will become their system of record.
  2. Buy and integrate best of breed solutions using a software supply chain approach.
  3. Automate their processes to become a 85% touch-less RPO.
  4. Implement an analytics solution to use the data from their systems of record to create near real time dashboards and reports.

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…the thinkbridge team is infinitely scalable. They helped us transform into a digitized RPO using thoughtful strategy and meticulous execution…

Founder & President


We built and launched the first version of their platform in under 6 months. We then layered on the analytics platform. Within the first year of the roll out, they were able to see measurable increase in the efficiency of their recruiters and hence customer outcomes.

The next phase was to integrate best of breed solutions in the market to further digitize their processes.

They were able to achieve their goal of 85% touch-less processes and see dramatic improvements in their customer outcomes.

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