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Creating A Work Environment Built On Trust

Here's our detailed guide on how to create a conducive work environment that is built on trust, respect, and mutual cooperation
Written by
Jonathan Mitchell
Published on
April 12, 2024

Remote working environments have helped shatter the stereotype of working in a cubicle. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a change in scenery for many as offices shut down. Working from home became the new norm, but with a new work environment came some unknowns. A dip in productivity wasn't wanted, so unique procedures and strategies became necessary. This learning curve led to some important realizations. For us, clear expectations, open lines of communication, and confidence in teammates fosters an efficient environment. There doesn’t need to be a choice between savings and speed when both can be accomplished in the correct environment. So, how did we build this type of culture, and what policies in place reinforce this mindset?

Trust is uniform and applies to everyone

From the minute a think’er joins the team they’re immediately educated on how we handle accountability. Our asynchronous nature means schedules will vary person to person. We trust our team members to work in ways that best suit their skills and capabilities, but at the end of the day deadlines must be met. The same standards apply to all think'ers, and so does the same level of freedom. The expectations are uniform, so productivity doesn't decrease. Projects are completed with efficiency in mind, and that time saved means a client’s budget doesn’t need constant adjustment. The uniformity of our outlook creates a successful environment for clients and think’ers alike.

“Since our inception we have been mindful of not adding a tag or treating people like they’re dispensable. Our philosophy since the beginning has been people centric, but on the flip side, it does demand a certain kind of attitude. You get freedom, but we expect accountability. “ Associate Director of Global Talent Deepa Mukerjee

Productivity can occur anywhere

Our select set of expectations means the working space can vary. We know our teams will meet their deadlines, no matter the location of their efforts. Akhilesh A., a thinkbridge UX Designer, lives a nomadic life where the whims of the wind guide him and his motorcycle to some of the most remote parts of India. This is no cause for concern regarding his productivity. Again, savings and speed aren’t mutually exclusive. If the right circumstances are created, the two go hand in hand. This lifestyle beneficially inspires his perspective and approach to UX design. Free flowing information and effortless avenues of communication enable think'ers to pursue whatever type of lifestyle they so choose. When expectations are well communicated and everyone is held accountable, there’s no reason Akhilesh can’t spend time on the road. He knows what needs to get done, as does his team. These beliefs are emphasized to all think’ers, and benefits of the process are embraced.

“There are two main points regarding this. One is, people directly in contact with me for work, they all know I’m on road, and I’ll give them my availability from this time to this time. If there’s anything that has to be taken care of asap they’ll call me in (Microsoft) Teams. They know me and how I work, so the communication part is the simplest part. There’s no problem with that. “ UX Designer Akhilesh A.

Feel free to check out our careers page where you can find open positions that include the aforementioned freedoms. To learn more about our system of accountability and how we maximize savings and speed for our clients, connect with sales@thinkbridge.com and see how we deliver on our promises.


Anand Krishnan

CEO and Managing Partner

Andrew Zarkadas

Vice President - Growth

Shamik Mitra

Vice President - Client Services

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