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Why thinkbridge is a great place to work?
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Why thinkbridge is a great place to work?
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ASD: The Premier Talent Amplifier

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What if there was a way to get expert level deliverables from junior develoepors? What would that look like? ASD is the key, here's why.
Written by
Jonathan Mitchell
Published on
April 12, 2024

Every expert starts off as a novice. It takes time to go from apprentice to master, but in software development, that process is rife with obstacles. You want quality work, absolutely. But if you’re dependent on just a few superheroes to get everything done, you’ll end up with top-heavy teams. That’s not sustainable and could be disastrous if that one developer leaves. Training junior engineers to become exemplary engineers takes time and nurturing. It’s all about creating expertise. One moment, you’re a level 3 programmer, but if you have accessible, augmentative tools, that level could spike to 10 seemingly overnight. But how do you build the expertise of junior developers without taking a long time or compromising quality? With Accelerated software development (ASD), this notion of ‘elevating’ engineers is at the core by abstracting complex technical concepts within the platform, leaving only the problem-solving to the engineers.

Creating Expertise

One of the key ways ASD enables junior developers to deliver expert-quality work is through:

  1. Abstracting Complex Technical Concepts Within The Platform’s Core Architectural Work Product
  2. Enabling Rapid Prototyping And Iterative Development

ASD embeds complex architectural foundations of any software platform into its work products. Engineers have a very different starting point, which is to focus on the business problem vs. wrestling with technical enablement. Just as the ‘cloud’ simplified and removed friction with IT, ASD removes complexity and friction with scaffolding and building software products. With its automatic code generation capabilities based on the tenets of ‘clean architecture,’ junior engineers can build on a strong technical foundation. This is important because 80% of the software product complexity stems from the selection and implementation of the technical stack and then building the business logic on top of that foundation. If that foundation is weak, the result is poor outcomes. ASD removes this risk.

Additionally, by breaking down projects into smaller, manageable stages, junior developers can quickly develop and refine their skills while producing tangible results. This iterative approach enables continuous feedback and improvement, ensuring that the final deliverables not only meet high-quality standards but also exceed client expectations. Just like in any other endeavor, you reap what you sow. If the effort to acclimatize and train junior developers exists from the start, then their capabilities scale with the project. Over time, they’ll be exposed to new tools, technologies, and methodologies. That experience greatly increases the ability of junior developers to deliver quality work.

Grow The Knowledge Base

ASD frameworks provide junior developers access to a wide range of robust tools, libraries, and frameworks. These resources significantly enhance their productivity and efficiency, allowing them to deliver high-quality work within shorter timeframes. With the right tools at their disposal, junior developers can focus on honing their problem-solving abilities and creating innovative solutions. Again, removing detritus enables true problem-solving on a higher level, with no more wasting time on trivial tasks. The availability of resources empowers junior developers to take on more complex tasks and contribute to the success of software development projects. They become used to this mindset, and over time, the effect compounds as capability increases.

Exposure to high-level thinking also helps junior developers fine-tune their approach. As their capability is augmented, so too are the capabilities of their peers as information and epiphanies are shared. Learning via osmosis is an effective method of training. Your junior developers can pick the brains of their knowledgeable counterparts. Additionally, your experienced developers can work on their own leadership skills and perfect their ability to disseminate information in an accessible, meaningful way. This winning combo contributes to the development of technical and management skills, along with the delivery of quality work.

Junior No Longer

ASD methodologies provide junior developers with the necessary framework, support, and resources to deliver expert quality work. Simplicity is only achieved when there’s nothing left to take out. Via this approach, all of the menial, marginally beneficial tasks are taken care of, leaving time and space for innovative problem-solving to occur. The focus is on outcomes, deliverables, and only at the pinnacle of quality. Such output wasn’t feasible before.

This is true talent amplification. Now, team members’ capability is augmented in a way that promotes high-level thinking while minimizing the busy work that plagues traditional software development. Relegating junior developers to small-time tasks hinders both the growth of your organization and the developers’ talents. Instead, ASD leads developers down a path of growth that’s sustainable and unique to each individual. It’s a new way of developing software, with benefits visible in the near and long term. This change is what enables cutting-edge software development, and the impact is comprehensive.

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