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Why thinkbridge is a great place to work?
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Using Accelerated Software Development As A Talent Multiplier

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How do you get the most out of your team members? ASD can augment your personnel's capabilities in a big way. Here's how.
Written by
Jonathan Mitchell
Published on
April 12, 2024

Staying on the cutting edge is an essential habit for software development firms seeking new ventures. Innovative technology, tools, and frameworks can help organizations stay ahead of the competition. As the indelible Ricky Bobby puts it, "If you ain't first, you're last."

This rat race we're all a part of has led to accelerated software development (ASD). ASD has become a popular approach to increase the speed and efficiency of the software development life cycle. This process involves breaking down complex tasks into smaller pieces that are easier to manage and handle. When professionals aren't saddled with monolithic problem statements, productivity and efficiency increase. That's how ASD becomes a talent multiplier by providing numerous benefits to the development team.

Share The Load

Accelerated software development acts as a talent multiplier by allowing more team members to take part in the development process. It's efficiency through dissemination. More people are given more projects, but those tasks don't require herculean amounts of effort to complete.

Tasks are broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces. So, more team members can participate in the development process. Now, a seemingly unsolvable problem becomes less complex. Innovative solutions can be found and utilized without having to hire additional staff. The increased efficiency leads to a faster time to market. All done without having to break the bank in hiring outside specialists. Your expertise is enough. The iterative approach to the project helps your organization's capability scale.

Bring Them Up To Speed

Another significant benefit of accelerated software development is that it can help new hires quickly become productive team members. We've all been the new kid on the block at one point or another during our careers. It takes time to assimilate to a new job. There are new people to meet, new customs to get used to, and new projects you have to become familiar with. That's a significant burden that inhibits newcomers from reaching their full potential quickly. So, if you minimize the fluff and maximize exposure, that timeline shortens.

The smaller task sizes make it easier for new hires to quickly become familiar with the development process. That familiarity gets them to contribute to the project right after joining. Onboarding no longer takes an eternity. New hires become comfortable quickly. That comfort gives way to productivity and efficiency. Win-win. All of this leads to accelerated ROI, which can then be reinvested where necessary. Time is money; don't waste it.

Shared Expertise And Learning

Expertise and specialization are boons when it comes to ASD. The more comprehensive the personnel, the more knowledge that's available. That collaboration contributes to innovative solutions and reduces the time it takes to solve problems. With ASD, team members take on new roles and responsibilities. They can take on more complex tasks that may have been previously outside their expertise. How? Well, because they're not having to solve the whole equation, just part of it.

Smaller, more manageable tasks lend themselves to quicker solutions. If you give someone a colossal equation but tell them they're only responsible for the 2+2 part, that's within their wheelhouse. This cross-contamination of assigned problems offers personnel experience and expertise in areas they may have never interacted with before. This can help to improve job satisfaction and provide opportunities for career growth. It also increases the flexibility and agility of the workforce. They're able to handle complex development projects more effectively. Now, you have many people who could be considered a "Jack of all trades" instead of having a singular area of expertise. Scalability also becomes much easier at this point, thanks to the increased specialization within the personnel.

Free The Mind, Find The Problem

Accelerated software development can also lead to increased innovation and creativity within the development team. Team members are encouraged to think more creatively, experiment, and innovate. When embracing an iterative approach, your focus can be more nuanced and detail-oriented. You have access to everything you need, and the lack of limitations enables creativity. This can lead to the development of new tools, processes, and technologies that can be applied to future projects.

Additionally, associated bugs and defects decrease as creative solutions become more common. Since tasks are broken down into smaller pieces, it is easier to identify when something is not working or when there is a problem. It is easier to test and validate each component of the software. Now, concerns can be addressed immediately. There's no need to get 15 people on a Teams call to figure out how to fix a deployed product still filled with defects. You're able to reduce the risk of delays or project failures. Avoiding those nightmare scenarios is a benefit for any organization.

Get What You Pay For

It's not that complicated. Accelerated software development (ASD) can act as a talent multiplier in numerous ways. Want to improve productivity? Done. Have a desire for more internal collaboration? Easy. Need to reduce onboarding time and provide development opportunities? Check that box, too. Organizations can benefit from a more flexible, agile, and skilled workforce better equipped to handle complex development projects. With the added benefits of increased innovation, issue identification, quality improvement, and risk reduction, accelerated software development is an approach that organizations should consider to unlock the full potential of their development team. By promoting a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, accelerated software development can help organizations unlock their full potential.

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