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A Comprehensive Guide To Remote Onboarding

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Do you want the finest talent from across the globe, but struggle with onboarding? Don't worry, now the process will be a cakewalk for you.
Written by
Akshita Kohli
Published on
January 19, 2024

Remote work is the new trend that has emerged in this third decade of the twenty-first century, and this unprecedented trend has particularly grown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employees working remotely across the globe constitute a major part of the entire workforce, and it’s important to note that the number of individuals working remotely has increased by an incredible 159% since 2005. It’s crucial to mention that with such a large population of individuals working remotely, there has been a radical change in how organizations hire and onboard new employees. An effective onboarding process indisputably helps improve retention, but hiring employees virtually can be a taxing challenge.

There was a recent study titled Covid 19 Research : How the Pandemic is Challenging and Changing Employers that was carried out by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and here it was observed that about 7 out of 10 employers are still struggling to adapt to the remote working environment. Also, there is no denying the fact that if remote hiring isn't done properly then it can indeed be a rocky road. Not just for the organization and HR, but also for the employee who might feel frustrated and isolated in a remote environment. This is just one reason why companies must learn the skill of virtual onboarding, especially for convincing the employees who are used to the conventional work set-up.

And while we would certainly not like to blow our own trumpet but here at thinkbridge, we stand tall as one of the most successful remote-first companies. Our think'ers love their work, and they love thinkbridge.

So to assist you today, we would like to spill the beans on our phenomenal remote onboarding practices that has so far been quite fruitful for us.

  • We Offer Information About Ourselves, Even Prior To The Interview
    We want our potential think'ers to know who we are and understand what we do. Therefore, even prior to an interview, we share helpful information about ourselves so that potential newcomers get a quick, bird's eye view of our distinct work profile. We set clear expectations and make everything as transparent as possible. This in turn helps us proceed only with the best think'ers who fit the bill.
  • We have a Robust Onboarding Process
    One of the biggest perks of being a remote-first company is that we have access to a global talent pool, albeit handpicking talented think'ers from across the globe can indeed be a Herculean task, and needless to say, we don't want to miss out on a potential talent. We thus have a very robust remote hiring process, and thanks to our talent acquisition team who tirelessly scout for not only the finest talent, but they also scrupulously ensure to meet all the legal complexities and the other ancillary requirements that are integral in a remote onboarding process.
  • Know Our think'ers
    While it can be easy to interview a candidate from across the screen, it's not easy to know who your think'er is. However, we have mastered the art of knowing our think'ers. We go above and beyond conventional interview questions as we endeavor to know who our think'er is beneath the surface. Our out-of-the-box interviews might seem a little idiosyncratic, but we want to know who our think'er is as a person. We try to gauge their personalities because we are not looking just for workers, but instead envision building a strong team of like-minded think'ers who would walk a mile with us.
  • We Have A 24/7 Communication Channel
    A think'er is their own boss and they have the complete liberty of working at their leisure. However, with that being said, a new think'er might take some time to acclimatize and understand their exact nature of work, and we dont want our think'ers to feel isolated or to work in oblivion. We therefore have a 24/7 communication channel on Microsoft Teams and be it chat messaging, one on one calls, or even group meetings, our think'ers stay connected and work in complete sync with each other. We warmly welcome a new think'er as a part of our team, and think outside-the-box when onboarding a new teammate. As mentioned above, we endeavor to build a team of like-minded think'ers, and we want to know our think'ers inside and out. To enable more opportunities for connection, we hold quarterly meetups at our Pune office in India where our think'ers get to meet their work buddies in person.
  • We Set Clear Expectations
    We want our think'ers to deliver nothing less than their very best without experiencing any burn out. They should enjoy their work because we firmly believe that only then will they be truly able to deliver stellar results. To help with this, we have very clear expectations for our talented think'ers. However, we enable think'ers to be their creative best even while working remotely. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why think'ers stay and grow with us, because we invest in their happiness and well being personally and professionally.

This was our pro guide on remote hiring, but should you need any further assistance, or if you are baffled in this regard, then do reach out the thinkbridge careers page to know more about our avant-garde and a one-of-a-kind work environment.

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